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This firm provides mindful legal solutions and mediation services regarding Divorce in Birmingham and surrounding areas. A thoughtful lawyer for women, men and children in matters including divorce, custody, non-traditional families, special education and elder care.  No family wants to confront the legal system, but many are thrust into it without a choice or must engage the law to accomplish greater life goals. 

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My job as a divorce lawyer in Birmingham is to help my clients/the family keep their eyes on the prize: a new and better future with financial stability, reduced conflict and improved emotional health for everyone. Even couples without children can benefit from a more collaborative process of divorce, treating the division of assets as a business dissolution instead of a courtroom brawl.

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"Spouses should be able to divorce without surrendering their inherent dignity and lifelong values at the courthouse door." 
- Attorney Christie Lyman Dowling

Mediation, collaborative divorce, and civility between thoughtful attorneys can allow the parties to have more control over their own lives and allow them to make their own decisions about their family's future.
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